Monday, March 28, 2016

Horton Hears a Who - Baby Outfit

I'm a total sewing novice.  But, I have found that I'm enjoying sewing more and more.  I have now added a serger to my sewing group and I totally love it.  I know many find the threading hard, but after viewing a YouTube video - it was super easy.  It makes my seams so much nicer and more polished looking.

I'm currently working on outfits for another granddaughter due this summer - my life is so blessed.

I found my pattern on Etsy by ViolaLeePatterns.  You can make the skirt with or without the tie on the front.  I went with the tie.

The Horton Hears a Who fabric was purchased from Hancock's Fabrics and was found on a sale / clearance shelf.  The top portion fabric with the tie was also purchased at Hancock Fabrics. The orange polka-dot fabric is from Hobby Lobby.

Front of skirt

Here's the view of the backside of my skirt.

Back view of skirt

I'm adding this onesie to the outfit.  I run an Etsy shop (MarilynsDiaperCastle) and have the equipment to make specialized onesies.  

Skirt with onesie added

The skirt and onesie are both size 12 months.

Thank you for visiting! ~ Marilyn