Monday, November 2, 2015

Raggedy Ann

Throughout my life I have off and on dabbled with sewing.  I've bought 3 sewing machines and got rid of all 3.  It was always too hard, too frustrating.  But something changed this year.  I have a new granddaughter and for some reason convinced myself that I could sew.  I watched tons and tons of YouTube videos and gained enough convince to purchase - again - a sewing machine.  Nothing expensive, mind you.  A beginner's sewing machine purchased from the shelves of Walmart.  

After a few successes with pillows and baby blankets, you know "square things", I ventured into baby clothing.  My first few baby outfits were from patterns purchased via Etsy.  I like Etsy patterns.  

Then I saw this cute Raggedy Ann costume picture.  It was a shared pic found by someone on Facebook and I have no idea who the original owner of it is.  But, it inspired me to try making one myself.  

Inspiration picture found via Facebook

Using a dress pattern (purchased from Etsy), I created the blue blouse and tried it on my little granddaughter.

Blue blouse made using a dress pattern purchased from Etsy

The white apron / top was made without any pattern.  I cut two pieces of 14" square fabric.  Sewed the side seams, added elastic around the top.  The ruffle is another strip of fabric that was about 4" x 40".  I hemmed the ruffle strip and attached to bottom of white top, gathering the fabric to create the ruffle. The straps are two strips of fabric sewn with a ribbon down the center.  The bows were purchased in a package last July from Hobby Lobby.  I also sewed some red ric rack around the center.  

Completed Outfit

If I made this all sound simple, I might point out here that I sewed / ripped out seams non-stop for about 10 hours.  Lol!  Remember, I'm a beginner and just muddled my way through.

The baby's mother provided the red wig and white ribbon for the hair piece.

Baby wearing completed Raggedy Ann costume.

All the hard work really paid off.  From this picture you can see she really loved her Raggedy Ann outfit. (Not so much, really).  By the end of the day, only one bow survived.  She pulled off two of the bows.

Not enjoying the costume 

Thanks for joining me today! ~ Marilyn

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